Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sod off!

So, I admit it.

I search the web for all things chicken related. Articles on coops. Articles on hens. Articles on roosters. Articles on chickes. Message boards discussing this breed or that breed. What's the best bedding? The best grit? The best way to introduce new members to an established flock. Things like that. I love it all. Unapologetically. And in all my reading, one subject keeps cropping up. And that one thing is 'Grass' (the legal variety, of course).

Welcome to the Coopenhagen Resort
All-You-Can-Eat Grass Buffet.
Please ignore the popcorn.
A lot of the articles were devoted to keeping chickens from destroying the stuff. 'How do I stop my chickens from tearing apart my lawn?', 'What can I do to keep my chickens from ruining my yard?' 'I've just planted fresh grass and flock has completely annihilated it' Things of that nature.

And then there were articles devoted to how good grass is for chickens. One said, not only can chickens eat lawn grass, but they should eat it. Considering greens is a normal part of a healthy diet, and grass is essentially green (except for my neighbor's), it fits the bill. It's chock full of vitamins and a great source of roughage. Plus bugs love to run around in it. And chickens love bugs. (Another article I read).

So, all of this grass-talk got me thinking. If people are having trouble maintaining their lawns because chickens eat so much of their grass and it's actually good for chickens to eat the grass, then why not serve it up buffet-style.

And that's exactly what I did.

I went to Home Depot (as I tend to do this several times a week, I'm finding) and I picked up one piece of fresh sod. Five square feet of grass blanket, all conveniently folded soil-side-out for easy, albeit it dirty, transportation. All for about $2.50. How do they stay in business at these prices?!

Anyway, when I got home, I put the sod in the Run, unfolded it, brushed my fingers through it a couple times to give it that messy-look to make it seem more appetizing, and...


The chickens were distracted by a few pieces of popcorn in the opposite corner. But once the popcorn was gone. And they were sure the popcorn was gone...

Well. Let's just say the flock went to it like... chickens to grass. They loved it. LOVED IT! And they will continue loving it until it's either pecked away or dried out, which ever comes first.

--Chicken Dup

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