Chicken-Lovin' World

Finally! A place to show off your chickens, your neighbors' chickens, or any chickens at all.
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One of many chickens at a nearby school.
She is a happy hen!

Here's another from the school. A Barred Rock.
And the kids say she is the sweetest of flock!

This one comes from SKB's neighbor who writes:
"These chickens walk all around the neighborhood and you can
hear them clucking away in the morning. I love them."

How can you see your Chicken-Lovin' World here?
Take a photo of chickens doing what chickens do. Then e-mail the photo to Describe where the photo was taken, what the chickens were doing, the chickens' names, a link to your chicken-related website, whatever you want. Then check back here to see your Chicken-Lovin' World.

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  1. This is great! I think we can also start a new slang term the kids will love. "Chicken Lover!" It's positive slang. There's no hate in this Chicken-Lovin' World.