Saturday, December 17, 2011

A chicken by any other name...

Going on two-and-a-half months and my six girls (that's what I'll call them until I know otherwise) are all doing fine. I was going to move them out into their Coop and Run at the beginning of this month, but it's been too cold and too rainy. I don't want to risk a heat lamp fiasco or a chicken-sicle incident. So, the hens are still in the Pen. And the Pen is still in my garage.

There's no real hurry to relocate them, I guess. They have plenty of room and are in a climate-controlled area. It's clean, with plenty of fresh food and water every day. Plus, they spend some time, weather permitting, running around their Run some afternoons.

Oh, well. They'll move out into the real world soon enough. Maybe January. We'll see how January is.

Now. On to the names of the chickens. In Blogs-past, I've mentioned a name or two. Some of the hens were named right away, some we needed to see their personalities.

And see there personalities we did.

So, without further hemming and hawing... The Chicken Names:

Mary - Ameraucana
Sophia - Ameraucana
Miss Lynn - Red Star
Bronny - Dark Brahma
Little Jo - Black Silkie
Arabella - White Silkie

Well... that's the list. Seemed more exciting when I was thinking about blogging them. Anyway. Those are my girls. And each name fits each chicken perfectly.

Next up: What to call the Coop.

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