Thursday, October 27, 2011

Well, what do we have here?

So, I'm spending time with my six girls: a Red Star, a Black Silkie, a White Silkie, an Ameraucana, a Dark Brahma, and a Light Brahma. We're singing. We're chirping. We're having fun. When all of a sudden, I realize...

Little Miss Light Brahma doesn't have feathered feet!!!

Now for most, my sister Jennifer included, this would be no big deal. After all, a chicken is a chicken, right?. But for those who don't fall into that prickly 'Most' category, the fact my Light Brahma doesn't have feathered feet is an issue. An issue like: Well... She's not a Light Brahma!

Now. I don't really care that she's not a Light Brahma. In fact, it was a surprise when the people at the Feed Store said they accidentally got a Light Brahma mixed in with their order. I said I'd take it for variety's sake, and that was that.

So. Now that I know what she's not, I need to find out what she is. And I think I have an answer.

She's a little lighter than, but completely resembles my Ameraucana. And she has the puffy cheeks that are a trademark of the Ameraucana breed. I don't know what she'll end up looking like, but it seems I have... another Ameraucana! And it only took me three weeks to notice! There. I said it! Now no one else has to.

Having said that. And having scrutinized her for a good while, I noticed the footprint of her comb. It seems a little wider than the other Ameraucana's comb. Does this mean that she is not only not a Light Brahma, but an Ameraucana AND not only not a she but a he?

Only time will tell.

Either way, he or she is doing well -- the biggest of the six, in fact. And that's all I can hope for at this point. A nice, healthy chicken.

Even my sister Jennifer can't argue with that.


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